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Watch the official trailer for Top Gun: Maverick starring Tom Cruise. In theatres 2020.
Paramount Pictures, Skydance and Jerry Bruckheimer Films Present Top Gun: Maverick. Starring Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, Glen Powell, and Lewis Pullman. With Ed Harris.
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  1. Tim Rury
    Tim Rury
    30 minut temu

    Typical Hollywood. Rehash a story.....with better special effects. Yawn.

  2. ZiggyBFishing CustomRods
    ZiggyBFishing CustomRods
    30 minut temu

    Dude he doesnt age!!!! Maverick was 22 in original and heblooks 35 in this one. Lol. WHERES ICE MAN? Im gonna say that's why theres a funeral.

  3. smokemeakippr
    30 minut temu

    Gotta have a tart flying a plane...yawn.

  4. Mauri
    30 minut temu

    I hope this one has as much repressed homosexuality as the first one.

  5. Abhinav Rakesh
    Abhinav Rakesh
    30 minut temu

    Loads of luv for Tom cruise from india!!

  6. Affaan Mansoori
    Affaan Mansoori
    31 minuta temu

    Goosebumps when the theme music plays!

  7. Daniel Toh
    Daniel Toh
    31 minuta temu

    Can bring back Goose? Maybe as a force ghost...or as a Flerken? :-p

  8. Bharath MV
    Bharath MV
    31 minuta temu

    0:12 Where is his gloves???

  9. Grape Ape
    Grape Ape
    31 minuta temu

    Made possible by TRUMP 2020

  10. tin tin
    tin tin
    31 minuta temu

    Brought to you by the church of scientology smh

  11. Mr. L
    Mr. L
    31 minuta temu

    “You should at least be a two star admiral by now, yet here you are....Captain. Why is that?” BECAUSE HE HAS THE NEED....THE NEED....FOR SPEED!!!!!!

  12. K3ntucky
    31 minuta temu

    OMG the theme song is so good 😯😯

  13. Nick Hague
    Nick Hague
    31 minuta temu

    There’s no end to Tom cruise being a cool mofo

  14. maxnetir timon
    maxnetir timon
    32 minut temu

    f-18 Hornet ?????????????? i still prefer f-14 Tomcat that was a legendary Fighter jet

  15. Nick Hague
    Nick Hague
    32 minut temu

    There’s no end to Tom cruise being a cool mofo

  16. again doitall
    again doitall
    32 minut temu

    OK...There is only one missing... We need Kenny Loggins !

  17. jupiter444
    32 minut temu

    Awsome trailer. Glad to see a sequel to a awsome movie not a reboot. Tom's best role ever. Maverick still a Captain. Not surprised at that. Mav was always a problem child. I hope they include Goose in a flash back. It won't be a true sequel with out a tribute to Goose.

  18. Ezequiel Ar
    Ezequiel Ar
    32 minut temu

    Holly fuck!

  19. Lemon Squeezy
    Lemon Squeezy
    32 minut temu

    Spoiler alert 🚨 If you are passed over for promotion at the rank of Captain for 30 years the Military would have forced you out 20 years ago. Maverick would already be a bitter overweight cop abusing his authority in an line of work that not only allows that type of behavior but rewards it with 0 consequences and a full pension. Regarding the trailer, it appears the “villain” of Maverick’s story is another Hollywood stereotype, a caricature of a military officer, who tells Maverick he’s over the hill and too much of a “maverick” for the military. How exciting. What tension. What drama.

  20. Gerald Castaneda
    Gerald Castaneda
    32 minut temu

    Tom Cruise never responded to Justin Biebers challenge because he was too busy making legendary badass movies for us to watch.

  21. Capixaba Peças
    Capixaba Peças
    32 minut temu

    The best world

  22. Mr. TheKidd
    Mr. TheKidd
    32 minut temu

    I feel the Need....

  23. john Martin
    john Martin
    33 minut temu

    I really hope they dont let the feminists ruin this one

  24. dbreiden83080
    33 minut temu

    It’s amazing how you can think an idea sounds terrible. Then one trailer can completely change your opinion LOL.

  25. Dr3addo
    34 minut temu

    **happy Sterling Archer noises**

  26. Kretos Kim
    Kretos Kim
    34 minut temu

    Dolores..take me to the centre of the maz...wait what

  27. anonamous365
    34 minut temu

    Would be better if he has flying rubber dog shit cargo

  28. David Jeyaselvan
    David Jeyaselvan
    34 minut temu

    Almost 35 Years since the 1st movie and he hasn't aged a day, still looks the same!!!!

  29. Nitesh Patel
    Nitesh Patel
    34 minut temu

    This is the real hollywood not some feminist shit!

  30. Franjo Paraga
    Franjo Paraga
    34 minut temu

    Tom Cruise , make me a baby so we can have first human pilot to Alpha Centauri 🚀🚀🚀🚀 !!!

  31. Guerrilla Gardener
    Guerrilla Gardener
    34 minut temu

    looks shit, just like the last one

    34 minut temu

    Highway to the danger zone....!

  33. 4dan García
    4dan García
    34 minut temu


  34. Jeff Steffen
    Jeff Steffen
    34 minut temu

    Please God don’t let them screw this up.

  35. Dipak Acharya
    Dipak Acharya
    34 minut temu

    Love military stories movies

  36. TheInternet Sucks
    TheInternet Sucks
    34 minut temu

    The first Top Gun was made two years before I was born.... Wow... Tom Cruise is old enough to be my father and I'm almost 31.

  37. ColinDodsworth
    34 minut temu wanted this!

  38. ovi ahmed
    ovi ahmed
    35 minut temu

    This trailer gave me testosterone rush

  39. Hunter Routh
    Hunter Routh
    35 minut temu

    Man. If y'all aren't going to have Steve Stevens (Billy Idol, Atomic Playboys, Michael Jackson) w/Harold Faltermeyer playing the theme and Kenny Loggins singing his heart out. I don't want this movie.

  40. Adam Kraabel
    Adam Kraabel
    35 minut temu

    This just isn't right with the F-18. Top Gun just isn't Top Gun without the F-14 Tomcat, and I don't care if it's been retired for 13 years....

  41. KeizerG CHANNEL
    KeizerG CHANNEL
    35 minut temu


  42. The No Name Guy
    The No Name Guy
    35 minut temu

    Hollywood still trying to make Miles Teller a thing eh? This kid must have sold his soul to the devil

  43. Ace Carrera
    Ace Carrera
    35 minut temu

    F-18, because stealth fighters and drones are for pussies.

  44. Sudhir Singh
    Sudhir Singh
    35 minut temu

    what could be more greater....... when ur fav movie's music is given by Hans zimmer also..

  45. T A Malone
    T A Malone
    36 minut temu

    I didn't go to the movies to see the original, but it was a great movie. I am looking forward to this. Now Charlie Sheen needs to make a third Hot Shots movie. Lord knows, this country deserves a laugh.

  46. TheDastard
    36 minut temu

    Holy Shit! Was that David James Elliott at 1:26 of the trailer? Maverick & Harm together? The universe might implode from the sheer level of awesome.

  47. Bianciotto Asoc
    Bianciotto Asoc
    36 minut temu

    La van a cagar. Hay películas que no necesitan securlas

  48. Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar
    36 minut temu


  49. Alex Morquecho
    Alex Morquecho
    36 minut temu


  50. Florian Posch
    Florian Posch
    36 minut temu

    I see no mistakes made here.