The most amazing inventions and unusual vehicles invented by people

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Amazing inventions, cars and vehicles that are invented by people for various purposes.
Video from (5:10-5:18) - @ben.s2k
1.Lovable Clown Sit Com
2.Toe Jam
3.Operatic 3
5.Ice Flow
6.Jay Jay
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  1. Ricopolico
    9 dni temu

    More info about door - 2:01

  2. UselessFilmGroup
    10 dni temu

    Still cant believe how humans invented elephants just for pulling trucks.

  3. Phil Jamie Ross
    Phil Jamie Ross
    10 dni temu

    bike horn sucks no big deal blow out your ...

  4. ChefGiovanni
    10 dni temu

    Wow, at 0:31 I saw my dream bike-saw. Where can i buy this model ?

  5. Antonio Nascimento
    Antonio Nascimento
    10 dni temu

    Feliz sentido moto serra

  6. Michael Tarasenkoop
    Michael Tarasenkoop
    10 dni temu

    Why don’t they use that machine to clean up the floating ocean garbage say 100 machines with barges supplied by many nations at least it would put a dent in the ocean pollution problem !

  7. Vinwelder
    11 dni temu

    Cool video but a bunch of the stuff in this is much more common than many people here probably realize. Anythin looks new when you're not familiar with it. Though most of those things I speak of are still awesome for sure! The folding chair or whatever it was that turns into a step stool/mini ladder thing that the little kid stands on at the at the end of it: there's actually alot of awesome things made like that now. One of the handiest versions is a picnic table that folds up into a nice bench. My favorite it the table that you spin to turn into a larger table as the guy that makes them makes several versions that all work pretty differently. U can buy em but they sure don't go cheap as they're almost a work of art in their own and a ton of precision work goes into them, plus obviously the engineering not the designs. The sliding garage door is always awesome to see though u can have them made for you, again isn't cheap. The metal pivoting door is getting old now but is still amazing to see. That's just a cool design but is also dangerous when lil kids are around due to the rediculas pinch points. I do always get amazed watching how creative some people get in some of these poorer countries as they think up some pretty crazy designs to make their lives easier. I've seen a few videos where if these guys didn't live where they do they'd probably be rich due to their creativity! Some pretty amazing ingenious people for sure! Oh, and that tying a stick/board to a wheel when your car is stuck is q very old trick and will get u outa almost anything! I've even seen it done in real life when a heavy tractor has gotten stuck. It's a little slow but it's damn cheap & gets you unstuck in almost every situation. I did this when I 1st got my license here in Maine during a bad snowstorm. I did the old car mat trick 1st & when that wasn't enough I tied a 2×4 to the wheel. Instant unstuck! 👌. That water trash removal thing they should be using near every big city as people are friggin slobs!

  8. Nathan Hatfield
    Nathan Hatfield
    11 dni temu

    2:01 *Kyle cant slam the doors now*

  9. Larry Ziel
    Larry Ziel
    11 dni temu

    Play something else

  10. Gabberjunkie
    12 dni temu

    water cleaning boat at 01:12 .. does anyone know where it is used?

  11. Pastor Paul D
    Pastor Paul D
    12 dni temu

    It’s amazing how backwards some of these cultures still are. I mean just look at that one video clip where they’re boiling a child alive under a raging fire and then causing him to have to based his own body, it’s just not right.

  12. Steven Camp
    Steven Camp
    12 dni temu

    Music was terrible other than that, was very interesting

  13. Michael Menges
    Michael Menges
    12 dni temu

    @3:50 = 3rd world children, its whats for dinner!

  14. crashfields
    12 dni temu

    This would be amazing 150 years ago. Most of the shit in my house is 50yrs ahead of this third world shit

  15. DontEverGrowUp
    12 dni temu

    5:13 WTF is the point of that?

    1. just subscribe
      just subscribe
      11 dni temu

      It looks cool

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  17. savagex466
    13 dni temu

    8:15 ! Ome cundi Trucky no no bishnew no no ...

  18. savagex466
    13 dni temu

    Omi ! Omi guda un geendi Keeta keeta India nom eski Vishnew !

  19. Xardox17
    13 dni temu

    My fave is at 1:12.

  20. Raymond Wedley
    Raymond Wedley
    13 dni temu

    like this video

  21. burningfeet 57
    burningfeet 57
    13 dni temu

    A person invented the elephant for pulling jeeps? Too bad the elephant can't think higher than humans and use them as slaves!

    1. Brointman
      12 dni temu

      God dammit, I wanted to be the first person to express my disbelief about the assertion that humans had invented Elephants. I must reluctantly salute you, burningfeet57. Although I will take some comfort from the fact that you must smell terrible if, in fact, you are a pair of burning feet.

  22. Star Dynasty
    Star Dynasty
    14 dni temu

    Are we simply going to ignore the fact that the child was cooking himself like a lobster?

    1. Turtle W
      Turtle W
      13 dni temu

      No, we're just going to wait until he's bright red. Hopefully there's enough butter.

  23. Helpful Ideas
    Helpful Ideas
    14 dni temu

    Terrible sound track! Why?

  24. FCDB PCH
    14 dni temu

    3:38 Fast and Furious: Afghanistan

  25. Sloopy .Dog
    Sloopy .Dog
    14 dni temu

    That machine for taking the rubbish and plastics from the river is fantastic. I also love the taste of cooked child. delicious!

  26. Earn 60 dollars every 30 minutes
    Earn 60 dollars every 30 minutes
    14 dni temu

    First scene reminds of the movie "The Gods must be crazy part 1"

  27. willibill c
    willibill c
    15 dni temu

    Ever herd of someone bathing?

  28. Darren Franks
    Darren Franks
    15 dni temu

    Did i really just watch a jeep climb a mountain

    1. Tim Schutte
      Tim Schutte
      12 dni temu

      Darren Franks , yea WTF was up, with that. no punn intended.

    2. Pablo
      14 dni temu

      Yep o_O

  29. Spocko Spockon
    Spocko Spockon
    15 dni temu

    @ 8:12 Using bricks with the holes sideways under a load like that is bad there is almost no structural support that way, they can fold over and someone can be hurt or killed. Always use the holes in an top to bottom configuration there is many times more support that way.

  30. Ed Cantarella
    Ed Cantarella
    15 dni temu

    They forgot the "air reverser". BIg metal tube mounted on car, end of tube bend around and blows on back of car, making it go faster and use less fuel. Doesn't work but real U.S. patent.

  31. Jim Lahey
    Jim Lahey
    16 dni temu

    What is the point of 3:20?

  32. Ricardo Langley
    Ricardo Langley
    16 dni temu

    #1's a clear winner. Need to order me one of those.

  33. Pulsar Tech
    Pulsar Tech
    16 dni temu

    Crazy inventions!!!

  34. Dan Bonacum
    Dan Bonacum
    16 dni temu

    8:54 !!!!!

  35. Dirk Richard Lesniewski
    Dirk Richard Lesniewski
    17 dni temu

    Tzja as I say,.. the Russians is simply the best,... >:=()

  36. Ol' Ben
    Ol' Ben
    17 dni temu

    9:05... a matter of time before somebody gets maimed or killed.

  37. Fred Fadungy
    Fred Fadungy
    18 dni temu

    @2:38 cant stand the noise/music/ ????? any more im gone

    1. Mr Stone_age_man
      Mr Stone_age_man
      10 dni temu

      Same here junky music on nice video.

    2. Jim Lahey
      Jim Lahey
      16 dni temu

      Same here...had to mute it. Horrible music.

  38. barry mcgrath
    barry mcgrath
    18 dni temu

    some neat stuff

  39. orangestoneface
    19 dni temu

    want to see an engine that turns itself in the engine bay of a car , rotates itself so you can see the whole engine spinning in a circle around itselfs middle, , not so hard to do . nobody done it , but could it also power the wheels or mabye a hidden small engine for that. .

  40. Sleepy Beatz
    Sleepy Beatz
    19 dni temu

    1:18 BEGONE THOT

  41. packingten
    19 dni temu


    1. Don Blanchard
      Don Blanchard
      15 dni temu

      Because you are too stupid to lower the volume!......Ask a stupid question....

  42. hossein habibpour
    hossein habibpour
    20 dni temu

    5:13 I found it!!!! That sucks.

    1. viikinki75
      11 dni temu

      Thanks! I dont found it. :)

    2. Mike Collins
      Mike Collins
      14 dni temu

      A car you can use as a wheel barrow.

  43. hossein habibpour
    hossein habibpour
    20 dni temu

    3:35 Let's make a genius idea to ruin the planet!

    1. Mr Stone_age_man
      Mr Stone_age_man
      10 dni temu

      People are talking about alien will destory our planet but human will.

  44. hossein habibpour
    hossein habibpour
    20 dni temu

    2:09 what if a yobbo knocks the set of steel pillars over (or bends them) by driving his 1999 Vauxhall Corsa into the gate?

    1. Spocko Spockon
      Spocko Spockon
      15 dni temu

      They would be screwed and stuck in there driveway.

  45. hossein habibpour
    hossein habibpour
    20 dni temu

    0:00-2:00 kids music

  46. hossein habibpour
    hossein habibpour
    20 dni temu

    Where's the Mustang with the kitchen roll exhaust tubes? Best idea ever.

  47. Mark Howard
    Mark Howard
    21 dzień temu

    Some of them are really ingenious! 😎👍

  48. Cleatus Buga
    Cleatus Buga
    21 dzień temu

    5:40 only in the usa would an adult be this dumb...trump supporter

  49. dff fff
    dff fff
    21 dzień temu

    Third World PLcenter

  50. Jonah Smith
    Jonah Smith
    21 dzień temu

    5:10 Thumbnail clip you're welcome :)

    1. Stereomoon
      20 dni temu

      In cap man. You're welcome!