The 2020 Kia Telluride Is Kia's New Family SUV

Doug DeMuro
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The 2020 Kia Telluride is a new midsize family SUV. Today I will review the Kia Telluride, and I'm going to show you all the important things to know about the Telluride during my Kia Telluride review.
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  1. sancoffsr
    Godzinę temu

    You need to revise your rating system

  2. bert da silva
    bert da silva
    3 godzin temu

    The 🐐

  3. William Morgan
    William Morgan
    3 godzin temu

    I’m 19 with no kids and in college..I want one

  4. SouthSide WhiteBhoy
    SouthSide WhiteBhoy
    4 godzin temu

    I think these 3 row SUVs should be offered with the option to remove the second row middle seat like a lot of minivans do. I think the last gen Highlander did, maybe the current one as well.

  5. timmyunderscore777
    4 godzin temu

    Alex on autos explains the gigantic interior legroom on his review. Exceptional legroom compared to length. Also he said as did Doug that interior is better than the “name brands”

  6. Sam Muel
    Sam Muel
    6 godzin temu

    Car names getting longer..

  7. Sazumaru
    8 godzin temu

    KIA is trash.

    1. Sam Muel
      Sam Muel
      6 godzin temu

      You're trash

  8. The Dominator
    The Dominator
    10 godzin temu

    You Americans can keep that thing for yourselves

    1. Sam Muel
      Sam Muel
      6 godzin temu

      Thank you

  9. Arthur's toys
    Arthur's toys
    10 godzin temu

    It’s not the first Kia seven seat. The first one was the 2009 Borrego. Good car but It was discontinued months later.

  10. Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler
    12 godzin temu

    Who else thinks the back looks like the Rolce Royce Culinian?

  11. Kimball Yates
    Kimball Yates
    13 godzin temu

    Am I the only one that thinks this is an ugly car?

  12. Clifton McDowell
    Clifton McDowell
    13 godzin temu

    Do a Dodge dart

  13. Chummy Chime
    Chummy Chime
    14 godzin temu

    I do not get it, he reviewed a Kia while he never reviewed the Pilot.

  14. Kevin Michael
    Kevin Michael
    15 godzin temu

    This looks a lot like all the 3rd row models....We have 2017 Pathfinder nothing special except room.....Kia extra gadgets might sell a few more but for 40,000?

  15. Jesse Sisolack
    Jesse Sisolack
    16 godzin temu

    When they started making the Telluride, they sent me to a new position. I am now in charge of sorting the muffler sets for the Telluride...and some other Kia models. So there is a 50% change I handled that muffler, haha.

  16. Republic Of USA
    Republic Of USA
    17 godzin temu

    The front of the car looks or reminds me of a bus. The older dodge rams looked that way and I never understood the appeal. I guess some people want to be in a vehicle that looks like a schoolbus /shrugs. I did like how the seats folded down so easily, All the automated seats these days is just for show, wow a seat that takes an entire career to fold down, yeah that's real impressive. I prefer the Lincoln Navigator, the newer ones, those older ones reminded me of buses too.

  17. Holiday Harrison
    Holiday Harrison
    19 godzin temu

    Doug is the type of guy who uses his hair dryer as a microphone while standing in the bathroom in front of the mirror and listening to backstreet boys

  18. MackyJ
    21 godzinę temu

    LOL his demo of the driver talk had me rolling.

  19. 32 Inovation
    32 Inovation
    22 godzin temu

    Looks like a Jeep’s

    1. Sam Muel
      Sam Muel
      6 godzin temu

      Nah, I think it's actually starting to look a lot like a Ford more than anything.

  20. Bianca lo
    Bianca lo
    23 godzin temu

    I saw this in person today and at first glance, I thought it was a lincon

  21. HERBERT leitner
    HERBERT leitner
    Dzień temu

    Ugly as sin.

  22. Joey P
    Joey P
    Dzień temu

    @5:36 that was great😂

  23. Clint S
    Clint S
    Dzień temu

    Pretty cool SUV.

  24. John Ulicky
    John Ulicky
    Dzień temu

    The check rear seat icon should have an audible alarm as well. Some newer cars have alarms if you shut off the engine in neutral, why not another "hey stupid" alarm?

  25. Fentanyl funk
    Fentanyl funk
    Dzień temu

    i can Telluride in a Kia

  26. ramesh rai
    ramesh rai
    Dzień temu

    Don't buy kia anymore,

  27. Ramcharan Baishya
    Ramcharan Baishya
    Dzień temu

    looks like Cadillac 😘

  28. MaKoGaMeR 2017
    MaKoGaMeR 2017
    Dzień temu

    Seeing a lot of unintelligent comments that have nothing to do with this video at all:

  29. Werner S
    Werner S
    Dzień temu

    2020??? I won’t buy it. I rather wait some months. Maybe the 2021 model will be launched then.

  30. Ray A
    Ray A
    Dzień temu

    I feel like with this big hipe over Suvs auto makers are making suvs too big such as this one. It's becoming annoying for some reason to see auto makers making suvs larger just because people are buying more of them. Bigger isn't always better. Look at my 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander GT, it is long that can seat 7, tow 3,500 pounds, and with AWD but the body style keeps it streamline and it doesn't have to have large side walls where the front wheels are or a over sized hood big enough to have dinner on like a Ford Explorer. Some of these auto maker's should slow down on how they are making these suvs and need to cut down the fat on them. If anything I think I would get ab wagon vehicle like the Buick Regal TourX where it doesn't have that large footprint and heavy weight every where I go...if anything were to happen to my Outlander.

  31. Damon Smith
    Damon Smith
    Dzień temu

    Like most kia it’s a rolling brick

  32. Damon Smith
    Damon Smith
    Dzień temu

    Looks outdated with that plastic on the bottom and it has a rip-off Range Rover grill

    1. - JPL -
      - JPL -
      3 godzin temu

      +Damon Smith , I see you're talking about the mesh within the grill. When it comes to mesh, lot's of brands use similar patterns. This very pattern in fact. Range Rover uses a generic rectangular grill, you can't really "rip it off". KIA actually has the more signature look with their "tiger nose grill".

    2. Damon Smith
      Damon Smith
      11 godzin temu

      +- JPL - you can Google it there's a number of articles comparing it to the Range Rover Sport

    3. - JPL -
      - JPL -
      16 godzin temu

      Are you talking about the cladding that's on 90% of crossovers/SUV's? How does that date it? Range Rover grill? Um, that's KIA's signature grill design for many years now.

  33. Kiran S
    Kiran S
    Dzień temu

    Doug is the type of guy who adjusts his power tailgate speed to "Fast!"

  34. C W
    C W
    Dzień temu

    Front end got a Range Rover vibe to it.

  35. mark L
    mark L
    Dzień temu

    39,000 it will be worth 13,000 after 2 years.

    1. - JPL -
      - JPL -
      16 godzin temu

      It'll still be worth at least around $28K.

  36. frankie2234
    Dzień temu

    Very nice.

  37. Dustin Serbin
    Dustin Serbin
    Dzień temu

    ..But Doug, how does it stack up to grandma's blue station wagon mercedes?

  38. melqui rivera
    melqui rivera
    Dzień temu

    Them wheels are ugly as f lol

  39. f1620mm
    Dzień temu

    It is underpowered and weighs the same as a Minivan. A Minivan has more room with more power and space and better gas milage the end. In short these crossovers are useless compared to a Minivan and full size SUV’s like the Expedition and Suburban.

  40. Dlocz89
    Dzień temu


  41. Levi Block
    Levi Block
    Dzień temu

    the usb mounts on the 2nd row are actually really cool. It can allow the passenger to charge their phone and put it in the cup holder instead of needing to set it on the floor or anywhere else.

  42. Myra Chuvaness
    Myra Chuvaness
    Dzień temu

    Can you come to phillipines and reveiw the new nissan terra pls my dad will get it pls

  43. speterbilt
    Dzień temu

    Kia has stepped up their game on all their vehicles. I love the soul

    1. Jack D
      Jack D
      4 godzin temu

      Oh good lord.

  44. Joe Accavitti
    Joe Accavitti
    Dzień temu

    Did you check out the adaptive cruise/ highway assist?

  45. Mateusz Walicki
    Mateusz Walicki
    Dzień temu

    XC90 ripoff.

  46. ZN
    Dzień temu

    Same problem as the Stinger... too few dealerships.

    1. Jack D
      Jack D
      4 godzin temu

      Also has the other same's a Kia.

  47. kenoash
    Dzień temu

    Just when I made my mind between Mazda CX9 and Subaru Accent... what's your pick guys?

    1. iamstd2
      Dzień temu

      The cx-9 will probably make you feel the best. It's not the biggest inside or the most economical but it looks great and the quality is pretty high. I don't really see the appeal of the Ascent unless you're already brand loyal to Subaru. There's also the engine which is a bit of a wild card. It's probably more spacious inside than the Mazda though.

  48. Aariz Baig
    Aariz Baig
    Dzień temu

    toyota sequoia do r3view pls

  49. Jack Again
    Jack Again
    Dzień temu

    The Subaru Ascent is the hottest new 3 row SUV, not this....and better trade-in value down the road. Again though, acceleration should be judged by class, not up against every super car.

  50. dwescro TM
    dwescro TM
    Dzień temu

    Realtalk, I love it

  51. Julien Savage
    Julien Savage
    2 dni temu

    You know KIA is doing something awesome when Doug DeMuro reviews a KIA and it scores 50 on the Doug score and even got Doug to use the word "cool." KIA execs take note, over 1 million views, this should be in your next commercial. Great job Sir Doug, great job. The CDSM is well pleased (Coalition for the Doug Score Movement).

  52. joshua gommers
    joshua gommers
    2 dni temu

    15:36 same goes for the Cx5 with the power tailgate

  53. Anthony Mitchell
    Anthony Mitchell
    2 dni temu

    So what y'all saying is the Koreans is copying off GMC with the front grill in Volvo with the side and also Rolls Royce?

  54. ebgundy
    2 dni temu

    “...Kia Kia Telluride. Children, STOP FIGHTING!” Lol.

  55. Yuri Mohan
    Yuri Mohan
    2 dni temu

    If Kia made a version of that in a Stinger GT trim that would be the hottest car on the market because of the performance and the size of the moonroof also the interior is way nicer in the Stinger GT. BMW should do the power tailgate speed thing for the X5 and the X7. The modes would be gentle, normal and rich.

  56. jayilla28
    2 dni temu

    I looks like a ford flex mix with a Yukon

  57. S Sawa
    S Sawa
    2 dni temu

    ‘Merica I’ll Telluride now if it ain’t a V8, it ain’t for me

    1. Sam
      11 godzin temu

      A turbo charged V6 can push mpre torque and power than a V8

    2. - JPL -
      - JPL -
      16 godzin temu

      That leaves you with ONE choice in the segment. The Durango with the expensive V8 option. Face it, V8's are nearing extinction outside of big trucks and a few high end luxury, high performance cars.

  58. ILZT
    2 dni temu

    Tall, yes. Adult, no. *_-

  59. Nelson Vienneau
    Nelson Vienneau
    2 dni temu

    Oooohh car manufacturers..pls stop the bs.. its presented in 2019..its a 2019!!! Design start 2017 thru 2018..not a 2020 .. gawd! Nice reviews btw Doug.. i got a 2013 ford fusionary if u ever wana review it loll jk

  60. Tawana McReynolds
    Tawana McReynolds
    2 dni temu

    Love it

  61. Josh Schmidt
    Josh Schmidt
    2 dni temu

    KIA and Hyundai are killing it with styling.

    1. Jack D
      Jack D
      4 godzin temu

      Kia and Hyundai fanboys like you crack me up.

  62. Chandra Jamwal
    Chandra Jamwal
    2 dni temu

    3:04 Wow Doug Nice undies bro

  63. fastdrive55
    2 dni temu

    ...and it will be obsolete in 2022.

  64. tigerbalm
    2 dni temu can fit 3 asains in the back no problemo!

  65. FoVision
    2 dni temu

    Which drives better ? Ascent or Telluride? And how tall are you?

  66. John Mikaelian
    John Mikaelian
    2 dni temu

    That's not an SUV, that's a tank.

  67. Derrion Brumfield
    Derrion Brumfield
    2 dni temu

    😂😂😂😂 he is hilarious

  68. Bradly McDougal
    Bradly McDougal
    2 dni temu

    Have you completely forgotten about the Kia Borrego?? It was a 3 row SUV in 2009 that had an optional V8 but unfortunately didn’t fly since it was introduced at the wrong time. The Telluride is replacing it is what it looks like but this is NOT the first 3 row hauler from Kia designed to take on other family crossovers. Come on man.

  69. MrMiddaugh4
    2 dni temu

    Sry to say but Kia has also made the borrega

  70. Baydik
    2 dni temu

    let's review on lada vesta sw cross xD

  71. bullnpcola
    2 dni temu

    I thought it was a Range Rover

  72. VicariousReality7
    2 dni temu

    It wants to be a bus so hard

  73. Estefano Ascencio
    Estefano Ascencio
    2 dni temu

    I'll telluride now, that's a pretty cool car.

    1. katieducky23
      Dzień temu

      Oh god. 🤦

  74. VicariousReality7
    2 dni temu


  75. afsfdav
    2 dni temu

    what about the mohave/borrego, it has a third row as well

  76. Quietjustrelax
    2 dni temu

    Damn does this “driver talk” feature would be be cool if you could modify your voice. Talk like a chipmunk to make ‘em laugh, talk like a demon when you want them to shut up. So much potential!

  77. Zachary Dalton
    Zachary Dalton
    2 dni temu


  78. Dolos3 Gamer
    Dolos3 Gamer
    2 dni temu


  79. Dolos3 Gamer
    Dolos3 Gamer
    2 dni temu

    Doug you have to review the Ford Flex 2019 or

  80. foxredimpala
    2 dni temu

    The lack of space in the 3rd row could’ve been said for the BMW X7...yet Doug failed to mention anything about that fact. Unless I missed something.

  81. M&N Distribution
    M&N Distribution
    2 dni temu

    Maybe 25k XD 40k for this

  82. Chris Freely
    Chris Freely
    2 dni temu

    Doug that kind of guy that would use driver talk, instead of yelling at the top of his lungs like a frantic mother.

  83. Chris WhiteY
    Chris WhiteY
    2 dni temu

    12 of 50 Get the fuck out of here Can’t take this guy seriously after that

  84. DJ Cutz
    DJ Cutz
    2 dni temu

    Inspired by Rolls Royce Cullinan.

    1. Dylan Kibet
      Dylan Kibet
      12 godzin temu

      Featuring the Cadillac Escalade

  85. Victor Andrew
    Victor Andrew
    2 dni temu

    I would totally drive this with driver talk on while driving alone and talking to myself

  86. Diogo Sales
    Diogo Sales
    2 dni temu

    This SUV is midsize?!

  87. tshk kim
    tshk kim
    2 dni temu

    Seems to have more value than German SUV trashes

  88. Pedro Cesar Matos
    Pedro Cesar Matos
    2 dni temu

    korean XC90

  89. dsparke93
    2 dni temu

    One day the Koreans will make a decent car. We can hope.

  90. Francis Gilbert
    Francis Gilbert
    3 dni temu

    It looks like the Rolls Royce Cullinan

  91. angelagraces
    3 dni temu

    Hyundai Palisade wins

  92. Krane
    3 dni temu

    One question: do the rear window go all the way down? 1) When you start the car do you get a Kia logo commercial reminding you of the type of car you bought? 2) That is about the cheapest looking leather seats I've seen in a very long time. 3) Infotainment screen looks like an aftermarket glue-on purchased from Amazon. Not something designed from the factory. 4) Is there a cargo cover for the rear storage area? 5) Lots of molded cheap looking plastics

  93. Thomas Knight
    Thomas Knight
    3 dni temu

    Seems pretty nice but I wonder how it will hold value

  94. Andrew Bates
    Andrew Bates
    3 dni temu

    "Welcome to the Kia Telluride Sales Event" LOLOLOLOL!!!!

  95. mrcomeupfast
    3 dni temu

    Stop calling it a crossover it's not a crossover it's an SUV or crossover will be something like the Ford Flex that is not a crossover it's just a three-row SUV that kid has made nothing more nothing less it's nothing special and it won't sell that much I promise you that now with its Rivals with the things that it has the things that it does the look of it is so 2009 it's oldest looking it's not nothing special

  96. mrcomeupfast
    3 dni temu

    My Ford Flex is better

  97. James Adams
    James Adams
    3 dni temu

    What is the towing capacity?

  98. Shawn Turcotte
    Shawn Turcotte
    3 dni temu

    The Volkswagen Atlas has 17 cup-holders.

  99. tollytime propulsion
    tollytime propulsion
    3 dni temu

    This is a Honda Pilot "knock-off" that has more features than the vehicle it mimics. Many of these "quirky" features are on the Honda, but they always get missed in reviews.

  100. Matt Murdock
    Matt Murdock
    3 dni temu

    I always brush my teeth with a telluride toothpaste. You should too.

    1. Supercool guy Gamer
      Supercool guy Gamer
      3 dni temu

      Telluride toothpaste. Recommended by 3/10 dentists