Putting Weird Things Through A Water Filter #2 (TEST)

Good Mythical Morning
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We're putting more weird things through a water filter! GMM #1405
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  1. aidan ramos
    aidan ramos
    10 godzin temu

    no one: gmm: LeTs PuT pIgS bLoOd In A wAtEr FiLtEr

  2. Will Playz
    Will Playz
    Dzień temu

    pause video at 13:19

  3. ??? Xxx
    ??? Xxx
    Dzień temu

    6:35 your welcome

  4. thats_ hot
    thats_ hot
    Dzień temu

    Try cooking stuff in cars

  5. fili91
    2 dni temu

    What water filter is that?

  6. Jim Franckum
    Jim Franckum
    2 dni temu

    Put weird things in washing machine

  7. Brennan Rote
    Brennan Rote
    2 dni temu

    Fork in a toaster Hahaha do it

  8. Keahi Martines
    Keahi Martines
    3 dni temu

    So y’all are telling me, you don’t eat pig blood....

  9. Joey Hahn
    Joey Hahn
    3 dni temu

    Will it Bong Water? 😂

  10. toast06660
    3 dni temu

    uour women

  11. RimmyD James
    RimmyD James
    3 dni temu

    Don't forget to replace your filter!:)

  12. Gary Williams
    Gary Williams
    4 dni temu

    Illuminati comfimed

  13. Potato J
    Potato J
    4 dni temu

    Waffle iron. Waffle everything.

  14. Liz Bush
    Liz Bush
    4 dni temu

    Are Rhett and Link using a new filter for each liquid? If not, that would have a big effect on how every subsequent thing tastes after the initial trial.

  15. Random Videos
    Random Videos
    5 dni temu

    Did they use new filters every time?

  16. MrLemonadefreak
    6 dni temu

    At first, when link mixed his rockstar with the blood, I thought wtf. I am so happy he did since it is my new way of showing just how hard I go

  17. Biza Middleton
    Biza Middleton
    6 dni temu

    Pee!! Do peeee

  18. *Is Confused*
    *Is Confused*
    6 dni temu

    how about a vacuum???

  19. *Is Confused*
    *Is Confused*
    6 dni temu

    I would drink straight lemon juice, I love sour things. my friend and I didn't want to make lemonade so we just drank lemon juice instead cuz why not.

  20. Skeptic Eye
    Skeptic Eye
    7 dni temu

    We have witnessed a great change. I remember times when Link was so skittish he would gag at the taste of a tomato, but here we see Link WILLINGLY POUR AN ENERGY DRINK IN PIG BLOOD to make a "new drink"

  21. Peaqyyy Btw
    Peaqyyy Btw
    7 dni temu

    Use links spuge

  22. Brooklyn Jackson
    Brooklyn Jackson
    7 dni temu

    I stopped watching gmm and started watching team edge and they showed me how much I missed Rhett and link I love good mythical morning ❤️

  23. Samantha Goodin
    Samantha Goodin
    7 dni temu

    You should filter beef blood and beef bile

  24. Justin Sprecher
    Justin Sprecher
    7 dni temu

    Seeded grapes are purple

  25. That One Dude
    That One Dude
    7 dni temu

    try using an electrical filter

  26. Nicholas Martin
    Nicholas Martin
    7 dni temu

    I ❤️this show

  27. Monika #1
    Monika #1
    7 dni temu

    No do HUMAN BLOOD But for real do dyed water

  28. K Landgraf
    K Landgraf
    7 dni temu

    Can just picture the Mythical Team going to Target or Walmart and just buying all the water filters lol

  29. Megan Garcia
    Megan Garcia
    8 dni temu

    What water filter brand did they use?

  30. Goodspeed & Mason
    Goodspeed & Mason
    9 dni temu

    Blender for smoothies

  31. Jakayla Bathie
    Jakayla Bathie
    9 dni temu

    The real question is..... Where did you get pigs blood??

  32. Macbauer 42
    Macbauer 42
    9 dni temu

    Human blood

  33. BridlingBelt180
    9 dni temu


  34. Animaiton Fresh Studios
    Animaiton Fresh Studios
    10 dni temu

    Try getting a vampire to test the pig's blood.

  35. Jada Morris
    Jada Morris
    10 dni temu

    Yup gotta have the water filter in the Fanny pack

  36. Pax Arias
    Pax Arias
    11 dni temu

    Filter chili broth, cereal milk, pepto bismol, squid ink, Hot One's hot sauce, and apple cider.

  37. José Rolón
    José Rolón
    11 dni temu

    They maded it? 8:18

  38. Weldhawk
    11 dni temu

    Put smart water and see if you can mine the pure smart essence and be a all knowing man

  39. Shadow Dragon
    Shadow Dragon
    12 dni temu

    13:40 I’ve got a name for it… A slaughterhouse!

  40. Michaeyla Gibson
    Michaeyla Gibson
    12 dni temu

    You should have said dink it and drink it😂

  41. Awkward Potato
    Awkward Potato
    12 dni temu

    Should have warmed the blood up.

  42. Christian Finch
    Christian Finch
    12 dni temu

    Use a blender to blend mystery foods and eat it.

  43. Devon Costa
    Devon Costa
    12 dni temu

    I would drink the lemon juice without filter

  44. Christopher Etnire
    Christopher Etnire
    12 dni temu

    You should put pickle juice through a water filter.

  45. Cp Rascals
    Cp Rascals
    13 dni temu

    How about putting weird things through a washing machine?

  46. CD the Mole King
    CD the Mole King
    13 dni temu

    🎶The perfect time to wear a wine coloured sweater🎶

  47. User Name
    User Name
    13 dni temu

    What if you keep filtering water multiple times and drink it?

  48. Tegan Ford
    Tegan Ford
    13 dni temu

    I'll eat a lemon, I love sour stuff so I will love it.

  49. treva dreibelbis
    treva dreibelbis
    13 dni temu

    14:00 when Kyle is a satinist

  50. Wolfy Gurl
    Wolfy Gurl
    13 dni temu

    I am legit staying awake by watching some good mythical morning