Black Moms Try Other Black Moms' Soul Food

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Four black moms battle it out for the title of Soul Food Queen!
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  1. Evan Cornley
    Evan Cornley
    3 minut temu

    2 black women, a black male and a white woman

  2. Addison Turner
    Addison Turner
    51 minuta temu

    The wemon with the featured blazer acts like she’s Gondor Ramsey

  3. C L O U T
    C L O U T
    2 godzin temu

    Gina got some Italian blood in her ❗

  4. jajajajaja Ba
    jajajajaja Ba
    2 godzin temu

    Sorry but you seem to have mispelt mum

  5. gisell galarza
    gisell galarza
    2 godzin temu

    Do this with Mexican moms and enchiladas or a plate of carne asada con arroz etc!

  6. uunknownss305
    2 godzin temu

    The winner is one of the best people :)

  7. Samantha Maksood
    Samantha Maksood
    2 godzin temu

    You guys should do Middle Easter mom’s try each other’s food!!

    3 godzin temu

    They had to use light skin tone for bait for Black video how American.

  9. • MusicalStephen •
    • MusicalStephen •
    3 godzin temu

    Good thing no one gets butthurt when they get served chicken... phew!

  10. Eve louis
    Eve louis
    3 godzin temu

    When she said “fish chicken” 😂😂 I lost it

  11. Sloppy Joe
    Sloppy Joe
    3 godzin temu

    Do this with Hispanic parents

  12. Sloppy Joe
    Sloppy Joe
    3 godzin temu

    J is that one mom that complain bout everything and her food is the worst

  13. Ty Posted That
    Ty Posted That
    3 godzin temu

    J was the main one complaining about the littlest stuff LMAO NOW LOOK WHAT PEOPLE SAID ABOUT HER CHICKEN

  14. Jenae Lake
    Jenae Lake
    4 godzin temu

    The lady with the short hair just ugh 😒her nasty lookin ass food

  15. Fudiia Akuteye
    Fudiia Akuteye
    5 godzin temu

    I need more of these videos please, help me satisfy my cravings, the starvation is real. Have checked all through PLcenter can’t find nothing that compare to the laugh i had on this one.

  16. KTM
    5 godzin temu

    The only mom that needs slapped is J, with her weak ass chicken and mac

  17. Brody Hammons
    Brody Hammons
    5 godzin temu

    The rigger is too loud FIX IT

  18. Autumn McEver
    Autumn McEver
    5 godzin temu

    “ fried in the oven”😂😂

  19. Michael
    6 godzin temu

    I love how the only time gina seemed mean is when she was trying the pickiest persons chicken @5:40

  20. Aaron Buckmaster
    Aaron Buckmaster
    6 godzin temu

    J’s food was bad, and she complained way too much.

  21. Mayra Jasso
    Mayra Jasso
    6 godzin temu


  22. Simon From Qc
    Simon From Qc
    7 godzin temu

    The winner isn’t even a black woman lmao 😂

  23. The Adolescent
    The Adolescent
    7 godzin temu

    J need a punch she just stuck up

  24. BlackDragonRuler
    7 godzin temu

    J you are a horrible person with no soul which is why your food lacked it as well. You can’t cook and obviously you don’t know how to use peanut oil correctly at the right temperature to fry with because it burned the outside of your chicken and left the inside pink. Also you’re not allowed to come to the South you’re officially banned from the Soul food community stick to shake and bake please and thank you.

  25. jay white
    jay white
    7 godzin temu

    🤣🤣 the pickiest one got to lowest score. 😂😂😂😂

  26. Fantage Apples
    Fantage Apples
    8 godzin temu

    viet parents : bun bo hue or pho

  27. Cheikh Omar Ndiaye
    Cheikh Omar Ndiaye
    8 godzin temu

    Girls lowkey hate on each other ..!

  28. Naomi Rivera
    Naomi Rivera
    8 godzin temu

    At least all of the moms made a meal that looked decent, the Dad’s on he other hand >.>

  29. Xariyah Stewart
    Xariyah Stewart
    8 godzin temu

    “That’s fish chicken” she had me dying😭😭😭😭

  30. DMV_Kyle
    8 godzin temu

    This lady J was blowing me the whole time frfr😂

  31. Reese Worrock
    Reese Worrock
    9 godzin temu

    How do you burn noodles

  32. TannDinero
    9 godzin temu

    White moms try each other’s PBnJs

  33. samantha
    9 godzin temu

    That lady in the blue and white jacket is annoying she only like her food

  34. Kaulana Oliveros
    Kaulana Oliveros
    9 godzin temu

    J was talking the most crap , and now she got hated on at the end 😂

  35. Xparcher
    9 godzin temu

    That one mom: Questions wut every little detail of the other moms Every other mom: Question why she ever started cooking

  36. cendoria a a
    cendoria a a
    9 godzin temu

    Gina was so hilarious at the end

  37. Sanai Dodson
    Sanai Dodson
    10 godzin temu


  38. Histron
    10 godzin temu

    Why Donna look like young thug 👀😂

  39. Emily Joseph
    Emily Joseph
    11 godzin temu

    J’s got ROASTED

  40. Billie eyelash
    Billie eyelash
    11 godzin temu

    The meanest and most dramatic one got the worse score 🤣 no chefs touch no opinion

  41. E B
    E B
    12 godzin temu

    “How old is this grease !?” Took me ouuuuuut

  42. Zassõ
    12 godzin temu

    Lesson learned: never talk down on someone else and always think positive thoughts. Thanks Gina

  43. Yeet Dab
    Yeet Dab
    12 godzin temu

    gina honestly best mom

  44. Gaia S’preme
    Gaia S’preme
    12 godzin temu

    Yes let’s get blacks to criticize each other

  45. meg.
    13 godzin temu

    when donna introduced herself her food looks TOO GOOD

  46. George Cameron
    George Cameron
    13 godzin temu

    Broo I need Gina’s weed man 😂😂 she geeked up

  47. Dylan Gomez
    Dylan Gomez
    13 godzin temu

    My girl Gina with tht light skin hitta boy

  48. Kayelyne Mason
    Kayelyne Mason
    13 godzin temu

    Embarrassing when your cocky ab it and lose 😂

  49. i fucked your mum
    i fucked your mum
    14 godzin temu


  50. Nicholette Amanda
    Nicholette Amanda
    14 godzin temu

    “Fish chicken” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣